Fräulein Else


During a summer vacation in the Italian Alps, Else, an Austrian girl, receives a letter from her mother. In the letter, the mother persuades her to prostitute herself to pay back a heavy debt that the family contracted. Abandoned, anguished, Else rejects the moral blackmail, choosing to suicide herself.

The play starts from a study of James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner. All the play happens in ten seconds: the time of Else’s suicide. In this time, disordered fragments of her memory succeed in her mind. Blissful escapes from desperation and throwbacks to the clear image of her destiny as a victim. The staging was inspired by the Viennese expressionist paintings: a red box opens, revealing Else’s world: a iced lake, a marble bench, a lamppost. In an hour time, the actress plays all the characters of the text.


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