The story tells of an incest between Anja, a polish girl and Michal, her father and proposes the possibility of a resolution. When Anja discovers that Michal it’s not her biological father, she thinks that she will live freely his love for him. But Michal rejects, although suffering from this choice, the temptation of Anja, explaining to her that fatherhood interests moral life.

The play stems from a study of the mosaic Decalogue and the work of K. Kieslowski on it. It is a commingling of the IV, the VI and the IX episode of the television movie. The staging is a study on the maze. The space is drawn by a huge Escherian stair. On a ultramarine blue stage some movable platforms create for every scene different spaces, making the audience imagine a room, a theater, a train station, a bed and an altar.

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